on E! Christina is starring in Christina Milan
Turned Up, a brand new E! docu-style series that will follow the
Grammy-nominated singer’s career, love life, and personal relationships.
In the season premiere, viewers will MEET THE MILIANS….  Christina heads to New York to
find style inspiration at fashion week. Danielle struggles with her
marriage to Richard and the couple gets into a blowout fight at Carmen’s
birthday party. Christina adjusts to living with Lizzy and her Orthodox

Christina shared some of her thoughts below:

“Deep inside I always felt something like this was gonna happen,” she
explained. “Kind of just letting people get to know me personally so
that’s the biggest thing—letting your guard down and letting people in,
but that’s the exciting part because I felt that for so many years I’ve
been in the business and people have seen me do different things from
hosting and music videos to acting in films, but I think this is the
first time in regards to music. Music kind of channels into real life
and for me this time around, I feel that all the music I’m doing and
writing channels to exactly what is happening at this very moment, so
the fact that I have it all captured on film and it will be on TV is
pretty exciting. It’s those little things like making sure that I’m
myself so everyone can see and they’ll get it and I’ll show them what
they don’t know.”

Christina’s bold Cuben-American family will
also be making appearances on the show, including her mom, who is also
her manager and her two sisters, Danielle and Liz.

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wonder if The Dream, father of her daughter and Lil Wayne will be
making appearances on her new reality show CHRISTINA MILIAN TURNED UP?  Guess we’ll find out on January 18th….   

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