#Hollywood Production Assistant Shot and Killed

 Earlier this week a young aspiring filmmaker was brutally gun downed in Hollywood.

The woman who was shot and killed Sunday in Hollywood has been identified by police as 30-year-old Carrie Jean Melvin, a production assistant who moved to Hollywood four years ago to become a part of the film industry.

Melvin was fatally shot Sunday night when she and her boyfriend were walking from her apartment on McCadden Place, close to Highland Avenue, toward Sunset Boulevard.

According to authorities and Melvin’s boyfriend, a man walked up to Melvin pulled out a shotgun and shot her in the head before getting into a small black car and fleeing the scene, where she subsequently was pronounced dead.

 Melvin’s boyfriend was not injured and told investigators that the gunman didn’t say anything before killing the woman.

“We just don’t know,” LAPD Det. John Skaggs told the Times. “On the one hand, she didn’t have any known enemies. On the other hand, it looks like it was directed toward her. … We’re looking at all angles.”

Melvin’s father told the Los Angeles Times that his daughter worked as a waitress, bartender and production assistant after moving to Los Angeles in 2011 from Morro Bay, California.

The story that the boyfriend is telling sounds really strange to me. A man literally just walked up and “SHOT” Carrie Jean in the head!! There was absolutely no attempt to shot the boyfriend at ALL??!! 
Strange, strange story! 

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