Gabrielle Union Sues BET For Breach of Contract

BET done gone and lost their executive minds around the BEING MARY JANE negotiation table.  Gabrielle Union is not going to be done like Pebbles did TLC – back in the day – when it comes to contracts.

The BEING MARY JANE star has filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against BET for breach of contract on Tuesday (Oct. 11).

In a statement to deadline, Gabrielle’s attorney, Marty Singer said, “We filed this lawsuit because of BET’s outrageous conduct toward its No. 1 star on its highest rated show.”

Via Deadline:

Filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, the 17-page suit (read it here) claims that although Union’s contract calls for no more than 13 episodes a season, BET ordered 10-episode fourth and fifth seasons of the series to be shot back-to-back. Union says she and the network agreed to those terms, as long as she got a break in filming.

Union is seeking general damages of at least $3 million and a declaration that BET cannot seek more than 13 episodes for any season of Being Mary Jane.

No surprise to me that some type of controversy is surrounding  the BEING MARY JANE show.  I think its a PR move to make folks more aware, and to get them all excited and in the mood for the season four of the show.  Furthermore,  Michael Ealy has joined the cast.  And to celebrate the addition, Ealy, Union and Peebles take a photo on October 5, 2016 at what looks to be the reading room for the show.  In the photo, Union doesn’t look like she is ready to file a lawsuit to me.

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The entertainment industry…. always some drama! I guess that’s why folks figured that they, and other  folks should get paid for it!


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