Who Knew “How I Meet Your Mother” Star Josh Radnor Had Such a Big Deck

 So this is what Hollywood neighbors are doing in 2017?!?!?!

“How I Met Your Mother” star Josh Radnor was sued by his neighbor over construction of a big deck at his Hollywood Hills home.

The lawsuit alleges that Radnor built the oversized deck, a new wood fence, new walkway, barbeque and built-in seating on his neighbor’s property. The filing claims Radnor violated the terms of a long-held easement agreement for a simple walkway and small brick BBQ.

Ranch Carlton Properties is suing Radnor for: (1) Declaratory Relief (2) Quiet Title (3) Injunctive Relief and (4) Trespass. It is seeking the demolition of Radnor’s big deck and other modifications, as well as, economic damages against Radnor.

We tried settling this dispute without filing a lawsuit but were rebuffed repeatedly by Radnor since he was allegedly too busy doing plays, filming his series, and apparently making modifications on my client’s land without consent,” says Sean Macias, attorney for Rancho Carlton Properties.

With all the serious issues going on in society, this is how some are choosing to invest their money and time!!


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