The CW’s “Dynasty” Cast and Crew at PaleyFest Fall TV Previews

What a fabulous time we had at the PaleyFest Fall TV Previews on Saturday, September 9th with the cast and crew of CW’s DYNASTY! The conversation is still hot and heavy around the
water-cooler about this show.

Grant Show plays the patriarch of the family, Blake Carrington, Rafael De La Fuentes who plays Sammy, the love interest to Blakes son, Steven Carrington, who is played by James Mackay from the 80’s remake, Dynasty.

This drama will follow two wealthy families, the Colbys and the Carringtons, as they compete over their businesses, wealth, and family drama. The original creators and new executive producers were all present during the PaleyFest screening, fully supporting the new cast and TV production.  Dynasty was filmed in the new Hollywood,  Atlanta, where the cast was set to originally film in Tyler Perry’s old mansion before having to relocate to an even larger home!

            We’ve seen Rafael De La Fuentes in FOX’s EMPIRE, as the supportive and doting boyfriend to Jamal Lyon aka Jussie Smollett. He is now a series regular on the CW’s Dynasty who “is excited to be bringing back some scenarios and topics from the original show that made it a hit but also making it current and more diverse by talking about subjects that needs to be talked about: politics, race, sexuality…that are relevant and need to be spoken about.” On screen father, Grant Show, outlined some differences between John Forsythe’s character from the 80’s to his refreshed role as Blake Carrington, who was definitely a bigot, and homophobic but his Blake appears to not be those ways, which the audience will get to see dealt with in a more complicated way.” “Blake is a bad guy…but he doesn’t do anything bad for himself; it’s always for his family, the business and the Dynasty.” Elizabeth Gillies spoke great praises of self growth playing her complex character, Fallon Carrington and the overall rejuvenation of the show as “more modern, more diverse cast, set in Atlanta, younger, hipper, and modernized for the time today and brought back at a good time…” Sam Adegoke, Alan Dale, Nathalie Kelly, Wakeema Hollis, and Robert Christopher Riley, are some of the other season runners we can look forward to seeing on our screens come October.

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Viewers can look forward to 21-22 episodes of the Dynasty remake this fall, premiering on the CW, October 11, 2017.

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