Poverty Stricken Rapper Proudly Participating on Series Finale of Steve Harvey’s Funderdome With His Invention Studio Stick

Rapper, Brandyn Armstrong,  will be appearing on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome this Sunday, September 24, 2017 at 9pm EST, where he will be competing for startup funding for his product “Studio Stick”, the worlds first portable recording studio for smartphones.

Born and raised in the urban neighborhood East Cleveland, Ohio, it wasn’t always easy for Armstrong. At the age of four, his father was murdered. His grandmother took him in and raised him until age 10, until she went blind and he was forced to move from house to house.

Armstrong first began recording music at age 13 with a group friends who called themselves T.Y.S. Later, he started a record label called 9 Front Entertainment. However, the murder of a T.Y.S member sent both ventures into a tailspin. Armstrong soon began getting in trouble in high school and eventually dropped out. However, he credits those tough experiences with making him the businessman he is today.

“I knew that if I didn’t get back on the right track, I’d end up either dead or in jail,” says Armstrong. “And I wanted neither of those things. I knew something had to change so that’s when I decided to check out Tri-C.” He went on to earn his G.E.D. and later received two associates degrees in business administration.

Recently, Armstrong created “Studio Stick,” and it’s been gaining mass appeal from media and supporters across the country. The product allows musicians to record high quality songs any time while on the go for a very inexpensive price. He plans to retail the Studio Stick for $299—a major savings compared to traditional recording studios which can cost more than $50 hourly. Armstrong even received an unexpected Instagram message from celebrity rapper ASAP Rocky commending him for his work and inventions.

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As a young African-American in Cleveland, it was tough for Armstrong to find investments for Studio Stick. His grit and hustle allowed him to continue his grind without letting any obstacle stop him. He sought out business competitions that he began winning, but it still wasn’t enough capital to launch. He researched and wrote his initial patent himself because he couldn’t afford a patent attorney, later negotiating a deal with an attorney to review his work at a lower cost.

Just this week, Armstrong sold his vehicle in order to fund this press release that you are currently reading, and to fund finalization of his crowdfunding campaign that will raise the rest of the funds required for him to officially launch his product.

Link to crowdfunding/Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/163141031/studio-stick-portable-recording-studio-for-smartph?ref=nav_search

Link to press kit: =”https://medium.com/@brandynarmstrong/studio-stick-worlds-first-portable-recording-studio-for-smartphones-media-kit-63a92f67a62f” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>https://medium.com/@brandynarmstrong/studio-stick-worlds-first-portable-recording-studio-for-smartphones-media-kit-63a92f67a62f

With a successful crowdfunding campaign, Armstrong believes that not only will he benefit himself, but he will also benefit others in the shoes that he once wore by showing them that anything is possible.

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