Jackie Chan Shows off His Action Abilities in “The Foreigner” (Video)

Chatter around the VOF water-cooler is all about how Jackie Chan may have pushed himself beyond his acting limits with his new film THE FOREIGNER.

One thing is for sure, Chan is no stranger to hard work.  His history in the film industry echoes that.  He has made more than 200 films — Rush Hour being the most popular with some — and has broken many bones in the process of filming.

In THE FOREIGNER, Jackie Chan plays a humble restaurant owner who is pushed to violence after a band of terrorists take his daughter’s life in an unfortunate attack. The movie is based on Stephen Leather’s 2008 novel The Chinaman.

Chan has a great co-star in Pierce Brosnan (Tomorrow Never Dies, No Escape).   According to reports, Brosnan will play a former IRA member-turned-government official.

The Foreigner also stars Charlie Murphy, Katie Leung, Simon Kunz, and Roberta Taylor.

The Foreigner is expected to hit U.S. theaters on October 13, 2017.

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