BET’s “Being Mary Jane” Cancelled: Show to End with 2-Hour Series Finale

It is being reported that BET’s BEING MARY JANE will end its run in 2018 with a two-hour finale movie.

The series starring Gabrielle Union (Mary Jane Paul),  has aired on the network for four seasons, with the fourth season concluding on Sept. 19.

The show centers around an African American female broadcast journalist Mary Jane Paul (Union), who seemed to be more successful at being promiscuous than being a professional in the news industry. The series originally launched as a movie on BET before being turned into a series.

Is anyone really surprised.  Especially, with the lawsuit that Union filed against BET for $3 million, fresh on network executives minds.  Union alleged the network breached their contract by ordering 10 episodes for both Seasons 4 and 5 to be shot back-to-back.

Union is a pretty solid actress… she’ll bounce back.  In all honesty, we won’t miss BEING MARY JANE at all!

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