Tyler Perry Launches His New Book “Higher is Waiting”

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I’ve never really been into the Tyler Perry franchise of plays. But I have enjoyed watching several of his films; “The Family that Preys, Good Deeds, Temptation, I Can Do Bad All By Myself and Daddy’s Little Girls.” They can get a little unbelievable at times, but lets be honest, Perry can tell a story like no other writer, producer or director can. Plus, Oprah Winfrey loves him…. and if she loves him, I guess everyone else should, too.

HIGHER IS WAITING is somewhat of a Memoir / Bible study-journal. The book is sliced into sections of short chapters where Perry shares interesting stories from his life, then highlights the lesson he’s learn, and has a connected Bible verse to study.

He pens with tenderness sketches of the people who sustained him, who taught him indelible lessons about integrity, trust in God, and the power of forgiveness: his aunt Mae, who cared for her father, who was born a slave, and sewed quilts that told a story of generations; of Mr. Butler, a blind man of remarkable dignity and elegance, who sold penny candies on a street corner; and his beloved Maxine, his mother, who endured abuse, financial hardship, and the daily injustices of growing up in the Jim Crow South, yet whose fierce love for her son burned bright and never dimmed.

To be upfront, ONLY about a third of the book is worth reading.  The rest is basically fluff.

I truly respect Perry’s journey, talent and his honesty on the pages of this book.  I still feel many of the chapters should have been trashed in the editing process.

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If you purchased the book, please come back here and let us know your thoughts about it.


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