Tyler Perry’s “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” 2017 (Review)

Wow, who knew it would come to this.  A BOO 2! A Madea Halloween…. this is the 10th Tyler Perry Madea film and a sequel to 2016’s BOO! A Madea Halloween.  Like that movie, this film centers around Madea and her senior posse on a quest to protect Tiffany, her grandniece from indulging in worldly social behaviors.

There is a lot of familiar threading of scenes between the first BOO! movie and BOO 2!  However, this film is much bolder than its predecessor.   And if you were thinking that the film is basically situated around a fraternity’s haunted Halloween party, you’d be right!! Not only do you get a haunted fraternity house, this time, you get a sinister campground and a family of insane murderers running loose with Madea and her comrades purposely on their heels.

If you made a bet that there’d be cursing and crazy talk and arguing between Madea and her fellow retirees, go collect your money.  Because they go back-and-forth often with the bickering and insults, as expected.  In the case of Joe, her brother, he doesn’t disappoint with the excessive sexual jokes.   The language is basically street (“s–t,” “b–ch,” “a-s”), although it’s more often along the lines of “damn,” and “shut the hell up.”

In an attempt to make a scary movie, the real horror is how terribly the adults behave,  substance use, and the raunchy humor.  I won’t slam the movie completely, as it does have some positive messages about parent-teen and intergenerational relationships.

If you are an absolute Perry fan, you’ll enjoy the movie.  The rest of us will more than likely go see something else!

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