“Black Lightning” Season 1 : Episode 1 Review

What I won’t do here is give you a play by play of what happened on season 1, episode 1 of BLACK LIGHTNING.  However, what I will do is give you my straight forward thoughts about the show.

For starters, when a man is pushed to do what needs to be done, he will do exactly that! And so it goes for Jefferson Pierce, a man who’s mission is to keep the streets of Freeland violence free. Even if that means resuming his duties (after nine years) as BLACK LIGHTNING to protect his daughters, students and his community.

We were introduced to BLACK LIGHTNING,  a father and principal of a high school who also serves as a safety net in a neighborhood overrun by violence.   Jefferson’s ex-wife, Lynn (Christine Adams) was also introduced in the first episode with his two daughters, Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and Jennifer (China Anne McClain).  I was a little surprised by the dynamic of the relationship between Jefferson and Lynn being that the backdrop for a divorced couple is generally one of bitterness and hate between the two people.  In addition, I love the look and feel of connectivity between Jefferson and his two daughters. Watching the father and daughters closeness, respect and everyday frustrations with each other made me smile more than once.

BLACK LIGHTNING doesn’t fit in to the normal flow of superheros, nor does it run side-by-side with any other superhero show.  I wonder if that could be because the pilot was written and directed by Salim Akil who demonstrated more emotional maturity than other CW and DCU shows we’ve seen?

Thank goodness we didn’t have to wait until d$%m near the end of season one to see the tall, dark and capable Jefferson suit-up in a new leather outfit as the masked vigilante BLACK LIGHTNING to kick some serious butt!  Remember, I said NO RECAP here!!  However, I will say this much.  If the idea of someone with super abilities; a constant threat to a community and popcorn popping fights don’t turn you on, then BLACK LIGHTNING is not for you.  Step forward and leave that fantasy stuff behind you.  Because this show gives you something way beyond that; a powerful story about family, advocacy and strength of people who fight back against injustice and violence.

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For the record, I can’t stand LaLa (100 Gang).  And Tobias is going to be a mess too!

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