“Black Panther” Online Tickets Sold Out in 15 Minutes

YES, we all knew this would happen! It is only one of the most anticipated films since…. oh shot! I don’t know…. but heck.  Everyone is waiting to see this film.  There are Black folks renting out theaters to make it a cultural affair on opening night.  And I am not mad, or ashamed of it. Because I’ll be sitting front and center at one of the theaters with them.  This is a very proud moment…. all BLACK everything!!!!

In the first 24 hours the tickets were available online, they sold out!! Think about it; BLACK PANTHER has literally sold out of pre-sale tickets.  This has never, ever happened in Marvel Studios history! The previous top pre-sold ticket was for Ryan Coogler’s Captain America: Civil War.

BLACK PANTHER hits the big screens Feb. 16. I would advise folks to try to get tickets now.  Because, even Lupita herself wasn’t able to purchase tickets during the ticket sell.  She explains her disappointment in her Twitter video below.

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