ESPN New Show “Get UP” to Be Hosted by Jalen Rose & Mike Greenberg

With the top executive of ESPN in the wind, and a number of layoffs, the network had to make some serious adjustments to bring some newness that would ease the pain of transition.  The newness will be incorporated in their morning lineup.  Not just newness, but programming that will create a valuable franchise for the sports network.

From the writing room comes, GET UP (Not Get Out!) which is scheduled to premiere this spring as a morning show with an equal dose of news and analysis — something more dressed in the style of entertainment.  Mike Greenberg and Jalen Rose will host the less “sports-center” like show.   We had the privilege of hearing the gentlemen speak on the panel at the Television Critics Association press tour Friday with executive producer Bill Wolff.

Greenberg skipped around the idea of politics and current social issues being front and center in the new show.  “My audience is there because they want my opinions on sports,” he said. “That’s what they are coming to me for they go other places when they want other things.”  Rose said that his audience is “a little bit different than Greeny’s” in that it expects him to speak out occasionally on social issues. “[I’ve been] working for the company 10 years. I’ve never felt muzzled,” he said.

Great panel….

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