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Wow, we were hoping that PROUD MARY would do us proud! But nope…. the female shoot-em-up, bang bang starring Taraji P. Henson is nothing more than a collection of scenes where Mary (Henson), a female assassin flings her “girl-power” (while Tina Turner’s Proud Mary plays) warring with a Russian mob after killing one of their guys for a young boy, Danny who works for them running drugs and guns.

As the film goes on, we find out Mary’s real motive for protecting the boy is because she killed his father.  Mary soon develops a tender heart for Danny and begins keeping an eye on him to make sure no harm comes to him while he’s on the streets.  After a year or so, Mary decides to bring Danny (Jahi Di’Allo Winston) into her home and cares for him as her own — keeping the secret, of course, that she is the reason why he has no father.

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We soon find out Mary is not hard-core from only growing up on the streets, but is fruit cut straight from the unethical Spencer family tree of shady business and gangster dealings.   It doesn’t stop there, she’s the ex-lover of Benny Spencer’s (Danny Glover) hoodlum son, Tom Spencer who is also out to kill her.

I tripped all the way through the movie thinking; how are so many criminals able to carry on with such violence in the middle of the day, shooting and car chasing without not one cop present during the entire movie.  At some point, we should have seen one or two cops in the film.  Such an unbelievable concept….

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Okay, here it is. PROUD MARY is not a masterpiece, and it’s not some of Henson’s best work.  However, she did kick some butt!!  As I sat and watched, I wondered why the studio hadn’t screened it for critics.  After all, we sit through a large number movies — and a lot of bad action movies every week!

If you click away from this review thinking, “that review wasn’t worth reading!”  Keep this in mind; the review is basically a reflection of PROUD MARY!

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