Rob Brown Returns to Season 3 of “BlindSpot” on NBC

 If you’re a fan of the NBC action thriller BLINDSPOT, then you’ve no doubt noticed FBI Agent Edgar Reade played by Rob Brown.

 At times, you may even make an attempt to recall where else you’ve seen the graceful actor. Let us help you out.  Brown has been in THE EXPRESS opposite Dennis Quaid,  TAKE THE LEAD in  2009,  in Paramount feature film STOP-LOSS and in the HBO series TREME  where he was a regular for four seasons.

In Blindspot, Reade has no memory of the past. His suppressed memory and the unsolved mysteries include the murder of Coach Jones — an adult he befriended at Mulmur Hills Football Camp. Reade attended the University of Michigan, where he still holds the record for most receiving yards. In a dark plot twist, the character wonders if he was one of Coach Jones’ sexual abuse victims and he is making every effort to figure out if he was somehow involved in his murder while doing his job as an FBI agent.

Be sure to check Rob Brown out in the new season of BLINDSPOT returning  April 20

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