Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo in “Reprisal” Teaser Trailer

It wouldn’t be right if Bruce Willis weren’t a cop, or an ex-cop in his films.

If you recall his last films: Acts of Violence, First Kill, Marauders, Extraction, Vice or The Prince? Well, here comes another Bruce Willis film you’ll say “why is he doing this to us.” It seems as though Willis is not being very selective at all when it comes to his film projects. Too much of the same thing is not worthy of seat time when it comes to folks going to the theater.

Reprisal features Frank Grillo in the lead role as a bank manager who is plagued by a touch of PTSD from a robbery at his bank that resulted in the death of a co-worker. And who do you think is the man who helps him figure out the master planner behind all the bank robberies?? If you said “Bruce Willis,” you’d be right…. he’s a detective with an attitude and a shotgun in typical Willis style.

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