Netflix’s “Elite” Begins Production in Madrid

The group of talent is still growing … Jorge López, Georgina Amorós and Claudia Salas are joining ELITE’s cast in the new season.

In this season, new faces – Jorge Lopez (Soy Luna, Violeta), Georgina Amorós (Bienvenidos a la familia, Vis a Vis) and Claudia Salas (La Peste) – are joining the talented ensemble cast of the show. Additionally, Silvia Quer (Bajo sospecha, Velvet, Febrer) who will direct the second season alongside Ramón Salazar (La enfermedad del domingo, Tres metros sobre el cielo) and Dani de la Orden (El Mejor Verano de mi vida, El pregón) who also directed the first season.

The 8 episode-season, shot in 4K, will be available to Netflix members all around the world some time during 2019.  As per the first season, the show will be executive produced by Zeta Audiovisual (Ahora o Nunca, Three Steps Above Heaven, I Want You).

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